Vividred Operation – 12 (END)

00000033Because all you need are two girls and yuri to create a new universe…

Episode 12: “Vividred Operation” 

00000020All Your Powers Combined

Haha. I said my episode review of Vividred Operation would be delayed by at least a week because it’s simultaneously the period before the Final Exams and it is currently Holy Week in our predominantly Catholic country, but when I saw the update telling me the final episode had arrived on the internet, I knew I had to write about it. Okay, this episode was so epic, where do I start?

00000039Vividred Operation!

Let’s start with the Crow, the least epic character. What a megalomaniac crow that was. I speculate that Crow is actually a renegade Alone, given its ramblings about being  the most powerful being in existence, yada yada yada. At least Kyuubey was subtle in what it wanted from its victims and remained polite even after the end.

00000052Akane: “This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!”

Now for the most action-packed part of the episode. That Akane and Rei would combine into Vividred was predictable (50/50 thought Rei would become Vividblack first, then dock with Akane into Vividred), given the mechanics of docking, but I didn’t expect Rei to be the one who would kiss Akane on the forehead. But hey I am not complaining. Haha. Yuri is always good.

00000056FALCON PUNCH!!!

After the docking, everything was just so hot-blooded, especially that “Vivid-Punch: Final Operation!!!” move. I actually expected the Vivid system would provide Akane and Rei with a beam-based bow-and-arrow set just to cement the similarities between Vividred and Kaname Madoka’s “goddess form” (no “Naked Shaft” for us T_T), but punching the Crow in the eye was also satisfying in its own way. Domon Kasshu and every hot-blooded protagonist in the annals of anime would have been proud. I actually abused the replay button on my player so I could watch those intense minutes of Vividred action.

00000061Color-coded for your convenience. So, who do you think is the best girl in the series?

With that Crow defeated, everyone wins. Rei gets her world back thanks to the mysterious ∞ entity, and apparently can now jump between universes if the last scene is any indication, Isshiki Kenjirou gets back into his body, Isshiki Mashiro (Momo and Akane’s good-looking mom) has been discharged from the hospital, and all is alright with the world.

Final Impression:

00000092The weekly (and final) obligatory fanservice screenshot

So there you have it, the final episode of this season’s “magical girl” series. To be fair, Vividred Operation was flawed in some aspects, like the plot – and sometimes the lack of it in certain episodes, not being able to utilize all the characters fully (Mizuha-sensei the F-22 pilot, for example) and especially in the way it described how its science and technology works (how does the Incarnate Engine work exactly, and what keeps it running?). Still, the series more than made up for its shortcomings as it went on and finished with a big bang.

00000081Kuroki Rei would also like to thank all the viewers of Vividred Operation

All in all, I was entertained and I got what I wanted, a light-hearted, Friday-afternoon anime about lolis girls fighting aliens with the power of friendship and guts, with bits of mayonnaise in between and plentiful fanservice throughout.

I give the series a 8/10 rating.

Thank you A-1 Pictures, GotWoot subs and EveTaku subs for all the nicely-shaped butts this great series. Thank you to everyone (especially Rellek) who stuck with my episode reviews for twelve weeks.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with the verdict. It wasn’t the greatest anime to exist but it CERTAINLY wasn’t the worst. It had a lot of everything and especially the light-heartedness really made me enjoy it all the more.

    While I’m sad that Vividblack didn’t happen (Which it totally should have), I’m totally blown away by Vividred, even though I predicted it from the second episode. When they first merged I was curious as to what the weapon would be… I was actually expecting Vivid Shaft XD But no, they knew that if they used a weapon it wouldn’t be nearly as incredible as it was with just their freakin fist. It was highly reminiscent of the infamous “FARUKON PAWNCH!!” and the Crow’s shriek of pain at the end was priceless.

    I freaking loved this show. Without a doubt one that I’ll have to watch through again just because.

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