Vividred Operation – 11

00000038D’awww…Power of Friendship (and Yuri) FTW

Episode 11: “I Want Her To Know”

00000043I’ve had enough of inter-dimensional beings saying Humans do not deserve this or that…

I knew it, the Alone borrowed their racism against Humanity, or at least have the same concept of racism against what they see as “inferior beings”, from the Drej of Titan A.E.: A race of (supposedly superior) beings who have transcended space-time have deluded themselves into believing that they can judge Humanity on what it may or may not deserve. I am really so tired of that, for it’s condescending at best and downright bigotry at worst. For any extra-terrestrial life-forms who might be reading my blog: only Humanity has the right to determine its own future, got it!?

I guess it was predictable that the girls would try to rescue Rei after spending time in her apartment and spouting all that “I want to know her more”-stuff, but what I didn’t expect that the Alone had anticipated (and prepared for) most of the actions the humans made. It’s like the crow was playing a double game: if Rei destroys the Manifestation Engine, the Alone wins; if Humanity kills Rei, the Alone will step in and destroy humanity (and by extension, Akane’s universe) and the Alone wins. Damn, that’s some serious late-game and endgame plan the Alone have.

00000048Not Madoka Magica episode 3, but just as creepy…OM NOM NOM NOM XD

To cap it all off, the way the crow managed to swallow Rei in one gulp was so creepy (she virtually had no time to react, unlike Mami in Madoka Magica) I had to rewatch the scene many times over. To add to the creepiness factor, after swallowing Rei it suddenly transformed into its one-winged angel mode (although this particular one had many wings). Where did it keep all that mass hidden, from the hammerspace? LOL.


00000055So, Neon Genesis Evangelion, anyone?

Next week, on the last episode of Vividred Operation, it’s the Grand Finale as the Vivid-girls try to defeat the Crow that ate Rei. Will we have an “All-Your-Powers-Combined” episode? Will Rei get her world back without causing a catastrophe in Akane’s? Will Professor Kenjirou ever get his body back? Will we have a second season?

Author’s Announcement: The dreaded Final Exams week is fast approaching, so my episode review of Vividred Operation – 12 (The Final Episode) will most likely be delayed by a week or more. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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  1. Ok here’s what’s gonna happen: The jet flyer chick’s gonna die, the secretary woman is going to be fine, Ken’s animal body is going to be mangled forcing himself turn back into a human, then him and secretary woman are gonna hook up. As for the girls, They’re going to form Vividred. I just know it. It’s literally the title of the anime, come on. The entirety of the show was a prequel to the release of the actual “Vividred Operation” attack they’re gonna use tomorrow.

    If they’re going to have black ranger… they better do it fast because there’s not enough time for all that. I hope Rei gets her world back and Akane and friends are able to jump between worlds to visit her 😀

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