Vividred Operation – 10

00000024And here we have Kuroki Rei’s DERP face. LOL.

Episode 10: “Light and Shadow”

00000008I never knew crows were such pervs…

This week’s Vividred Operation gave us a wet and wild beginning, an explosive middle, and the inevitable bittersweet end. What a perfect way to break the trust of a person than to have circumstances reveal the person’s closest friend is actually (and unknowingly) the enemy they’ve been fighting for the last ten episodes? Finally, the show is upping the ante, and getting darker and edgier, and I cannot wait for the next two episodes.

00000018Sometimes I think the Incarnate Engine disaster was a large scale version of this one

First things first, the revelation of Prof. Isshiki’s close encounter with the Alone (or the Alone’s master) at the time of the Incarnate Engine Disaster kinda felt like someone watched Titan A.E.’s plot and borrowed a few points. To clarify, the Drej in Titan A.E. decided humanity’s a threat because the protagonist’s father invented the energy-to-matter technology, and so destroyed Earth. The Alone, or whatever sent them, is (probably) testing whether or not Humankind’s possession of the Incarnate Engine makes them a threat to the Alone. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

00000028Kuroki Rei’s inner thoughts: DAT ASS…

Then we have Rei. Lonely, misunderstood, Kuroki Rei. She just needs friends and a good hug every now and then. I really thought it was weird that she defrosted and befriended Akane voluntarily, and only two episodes just before the season ended, before they found out each other’s secret identities. Watching Rei smile, have hamburger steak dinner with Akane (despite having mayonnaise blow up in their faces), sharing a bath, then making a pinkie promise at night was so touching I had to replay the scenes – because I already had a feeling of what was coming up next.

00000035Oh look, it’s just two girls flying a kite…Nope! It’s revelation time!

Then the “betrayal”, or at least what looked like betrayal from Rei’s point of view, happened immediately the next day. It was so heartbreakingly delicious, from way she screamed “Liar!” at Akane to her being electro-stunned and captured by the JDF troops. Looks like it’s “Friendship Over” time. XD

00000003The Obligatory Fanservice Screenshot, by Kuroki Rei-chan

P.S. With Kuroki Rei’s censored bath scenes, I really think the Blu-rays will sell like pancakes. After all, I’ll probably get a copy myself, just to see the enhanced animation and “plot”. LOL.


00000038Actually, the crow probably lied to you first…

So what happens now? Will Akane and co. lose faith in Rei after learning the horrible truth? Will Kuroki Rei spend the rest of her life in prison, muttering that Akane was a liar all along in her maximum security solitary confinement cell? Will the UN/JDF/The-Powers-That-Be decide to try, convict and execute a middle-school girl for crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting the (alien) enemy, and illegal possession of firearms?


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  1. So there’s so much to go over, it’s just insane… But first I’d like to welcome you back from exam season. I’ve had quite the time on spring break writing several papers due the day after the break. Professors are absolutely evil these days. Anyways.

    It was a twist there at the end that I didn’t see happening… I thought it was going to be the other way around; Akane getting heartbroken at Rei for being the bad guy. But lo and behold it was Rei getting mad at Akane for being the good guy! The tension! I can’t wait to see how it eventually plays out. Still eagerly awaiting black ranger after a successful rekindling of friendship…

    • Thanks for welcoming me back from the exam season – even though it felt like the midterms never ended and extended into the coming final examination week. And I have to attend summer classes, too. *cries*

      Maybe VividBlack will only appear once she’s expended her last arrow and has accepted that she can live her life in this universe, instead of being a pawn to the Alone. Then she’ll probably give Akane a big, fat smooch on the lips for the hottest Vivid-girl transformation ever. XD

      (hey, that wasn’t a dark prediction for once, haha)

      • Aww dude that sucks… My spring break was this past week so I was just chillin! Feels good. back to work tomorrow though D:

        I don’t know whether or not it will be vividblack or vividred… Because we know that vividred is going to happen eventually… it’s just a matter of when and how… As for your prediction, it’s getting closer to mine and so must mean that there’s not a lot of options here. We can only hope for the most epic thing possible.

      • Maybe there won’t be a Vividred because Akane cannot dock with herself? I’m still waiting for Rei to join the Vivid-girls and shout “Naked Shaft!” as her signature attack. Haha.

        Finals Week is coming. And to think there are two more episodes of Vividred Operation to blog. *sigh*

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