Vividred Operation – 08-09

00000011I wonder if I’ll ever see a squadron of F-22s in my life…

Episode 08: “More Vividly Than Ever”

00000003From this…

So there I was, making all the grimdark predictions about how Vividred Operation would turn out when Akane, the lead protagonist got shot down in episode 07. I remember speculating that Akane would be captured by the Alone and be brainwashed into fighting the other Vivid-girls and such nonsense.

00000027…to this. All in one episode. I guess you can’t put the protagonist down that easily

As for what really happened? Akane only got a one-episode retirement; not only was she able to lend her “spirit” to Aoi-chan when the blue-nette needed it the most, she was already in full recovery by the episode’s end. I was actually hoping that Prof. Kenjirou had a spare key lying somewhere so Momo could fill in Akane’s shoes for that much hoped-for Vivid-Momo transformation. But alas, looks like the concept is going to stay in fanart (and maybe fanfiction).

00000024Badass. She’s still a crybaby, though…

Speaking of Aoi-chan, I guess this was her day-in-the-limelight episode when she temporarily took over the leadership role and demonstrated that as a character, she went from being the frail, tomato-hating ojou-sama to badass Alone-killer.


Episode 09: “Sunny and Sometimes Frilly”

00000015Something’s telling me that Wakaba is a man-hating gorgon. LOL.

This episode heralds the return of the light-hearted atmosphere that Vividred Operation is known for. After Akane’s recovery (they should have had her comatose for a few more episodes, like two or three more episodes?), the episode focused on the yuri-esque aspect (or is it?) of Wakaba-chan and Himawari-chan’s friendship. I actually thought that Wakaba-chan was yuri for Akane’s imouto Momo-chan, but I guess  any cute girl will do, especially if the girl is as cute as Himawari-chan. How did she maintain that model-level bod throughout her time as a shut-in?

00000029Looks like a seahorse, IN SPACE…

As for the Alone the episode, I immediately thought “whoah, this is Vividred Operation, not Neon Genesis Evangelion, get your ass out of here and go back to Rebuild 3.0”. The Alone’s method of arriving from upper atmosphere reminded me of the NGE episode where Ayanami Rei (oh look at that, another character named Rei who’s a mysterious type and intimately involved the greater plot! Coincidence?) hurled the Lance of Longinus at the angel, but I digress.  Also, Prof. Kenjirou’s comment about “Rods From God” made me wonder if he worked on Nuclear Weapons before.

00000039DAT SMILE…

With only three episodes left, Kuroki Rei has more arrows than the show has episodes. So will she expend two arrows next episode, or will she save up those arrows for the Grand Finale? Will she ever join Akane’s harem?

P.S. The ass-shots are finally back. Faith in Humanity Restored. Yay! LOL

Author’s note: sorry for the late Vividred Operation episode posts. I’ve had a rough week at University and the final examination week is fast approaching. 


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