Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter – 09

00000043I was expecting these two ladies to go head-to-head, but…

Ride 113: Who’s the Vice-Captain?!

00000008There can only be one…

After Aichi assumes the post of Captain for Miyaji’s cardfight club, a Vice-Captain has to be decided. As most things go in Cardfight!! Vanguard however, this will be decided via a cardfight, or will it?

1st match: Komoi Shingo vs Tokura Misaki. Result: Misaki wins.

00000014Genesis vs. Murakumo

The outcome here was obvious. Komoi seems to be pegged as the “informed-ability”-type of cardfighter, he’s supposedly good, but he’s clearly outclassed by Misaki and her mastery of the Genesis clan. I’m also wondering if he’ll keep switching between Spike Brothers and Murakumo for the remainder of the season. This guy’s giving the Murakumo clan a bad reputation. C’mown, you could do better.

2nd Match: Ishida Naoki vs Tatsunagi Kourin. Result: Kourin wins.

00000015Narukami (Eradicators) vs. Royal Paladin (Jewel Knights)

Ah, the rematch between the Eradicators and the Jewel Knights. I was thinking that Kourin might lose again because Gauntlet Buster Dragon had three critical due to Break Riding over Vowing Sword Dragon and Gauntlet Buster Dragon’s rearguard-retiring skills. One of the better cardfights in season 3 for sure. Kourin-chan and Leading Jewel Knight Salome FTW! =)

00000044Ishida goes from Drama to…

The end result was unexpected, though. I (and the rest of the fans presumably), were expecting a catfight cardfight between Kourin and Misaki precisely because they’re fighting over a love interest and the right to spend more time with him (damn you Aichi, you’re so lucky!), but instead they let Naoki be the vice president after seeing him sulk in the corner like a kid who had his candy taken away. Haha.

00000047…Comedy in a matter of moments. He is the best character in the season so far.

Ishida Naoki really does provide the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and Crowning Moment of Funny in Link Joker Chapter – almost at the same time.


00000052Naoki: “Police Officer! This is not what it looks like! I’m innocent, I swear!”

Next week on Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker: Naoki-kun, in his first act as the Vice-Captain of the Miyaji cardfight club, challenges the Middle-school Division cardfight club of Hitsue High. How will Naoki fare against Aichi’s imouto?


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