Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter – 08

00000014Translation: it’s time to get those new Kagero cards from BT11, Kai-kun…

Ride 112: “Kai’s Shadow”

00000001Morikawa would really be a top contender, if only he had a balanced deck…

Damn, that was an awesome episode. It had lots of Crowning Moments of Awesome, Crowning Moments of Funny, and had the most un-inspiring win in Aichi’s history of cardfighting: Break-Riding a “Solitary Liberator, Gancelot” on another Gancelot, twice. Aichi, you mean to say you only have “Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred” in your entire deck? Shame on you! At least your opponent managed to snag the spotlight, for a least the latter half of the cardfight. But hey, Aichi won and managed to keep his cardfight club intact, so it’s all good.

00000013Dauntless Dragon: turns every Kagero Vanguard into an epic troll

In the immortal words of Morikawa Katsumi:

His strength is never ending!
My genius is also never ending!
If two never-endings join hands, everything else comes to an end!
I strongest break ride, Dragonic Overlord THE END!

The moment was so epic I had to find a video of it on youtube (best viewed in 720p):

Credits toKaiNoBaka of YouTube for the video

Now I know why Dragonic Overlord The End was restricted in the Japanese Meta. With Dauntless Drive Dragon, any Kagero Vanguard that Break Rides on it becomes twice as lethal with at least two drive check’s worth of cards.


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