Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter – 06-07

00000003But Kai-kun, what is a “true” Narukami?

Ride 110: First Match! Miyaji Academy vs. Hitsue High School!

00000007So that’s what a “true” Narukami is? No, I don’t get it either…

I didn’t really get what Kai meant when he said that Naoki’s deck isn’t a “real” Narukami deck? Is it because of Naoki’s relative lack of experience? Is it Kai’s jealousy that Aichi can now stand on his own and has a new pupil? Is it that Kai cannot accept that another cardfighter is using his clan?

Enjoy how Kai Toshiki shows Ishida Naoki what a true Narukami deck is (best viewed in 360p):

Credit goes to ReflectingImage of YouTube for the video

As far as I can tell, the two decks are superficially similar, with Naoki’s deck and Kai’s deck having units that retire opponents’ rearguards. Sure, Gauntlet Buster Dragon focuses on retiring units, gaining additional critical and power, while Dragonic Descendant focuses on having high magic numbers, and re-standing plus gaining an additional critical in case its first attack doesn’t hit, but at their very core, both units are Narukami through and through.

All things considered, it was a very close-fought cardfight. It could have gone either way, but Kai had plot armor this episode (Kai only loses plot armor if the episode has him do a crossride) and Naoki had too few cards in his hand to guard against Dragonic Descendant’s Limit Break Skill.


Ride 111: “The Ringer is a Middle-School Student!”

00000004Still running Nova Grapplers, I see…

Okay, I admit, I was slightly disappointed in this episode. I wished that Kourin-chan had more screentime, not just a few seconds to order Leading Jewel Knight Salome’s final attack on Izaki Yuta’s Deathrex.

Of course, based on the previews from Ride 110, the main focus of the episode is the Kamui vs. Misaki match. Now, I don’t recall having seen these two former teammates fight against each other in the anime (they had a cardfight in the manga version, though), so I was intrigued. Would Kamui get show a whole new set of Nova Grappler cards, or will he simply just slap in the Nova Grappler Break Ride unit shown in the OP? Turns out I was partly right on both guesses.

00000007Beast Deity, Ethics Buster. Reminds me of a certain Maximal from Beast Wars…

Misaki was an epic troll, though, using her unit’s Limit Break to retire Kamui’s front-row rearguards. Looks like Iwanagahime will be a unit to watch out for.

Well, I guess that’s it for this episode. I’m not gonna mention Komoi’s humiliating loss to Miwa’s Dragonic Lawkeeper, because it was too sudden. Next up is the Aichi vs Morikawa cardfight. Usually, I’d like to skip an episode where Morikawa cardfights, but since Dragonic Overlord The End was shown in the preview, looks like there will be lots of awesome next episode.


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