Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter – 03-04

00000013And this is why being an idol is a tough job…

Ride 107: “The Targeted Idol”


Everybody loves Aichi – even the (weird) guys want him!

That’s the plot twist I never saw coming. All the time before this episode I had assumed that Komoi was targeting Kourin, partly because of the misleading episode title, and partly because I thought Komoi would be the “Insector Haga” (Weevil Underwood for those of you who watched the 4kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh!) of Cardfight!! Vanguard’s third season. When he declared that Aichi was his idol, I thought “wtf Komoi, are you gay or something? That’s too much hero worship!

00000015Murakumo as a main character clan? Sounds interesting, I think.

After Komoi joins the club, it only needs one more member to be recognized as an official club within the academy, which would most likely be Misaki due to her placing a main character from the PV and all the other the promotional material.

P.S. Komoi shares the same seiyuu as Allelujah Haptism from Gundam 00.


Ride 108: “The Football Team’s Assassin”


Looks like your typical sports jock to me…

Nothing really special in the episode, unless you find the large amount of American football terminology interesting. The only stuff that caught my attention in the episode was the debut of the new Spike Brothers cards, especially their new Grade 3 units, Bad End Dragger and Grateful Catapult. Oh yeah, here we witnessed how broken Break Riding can be, especially when it’s done by Liberator Gold Paladins; I’m talking to you, Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred.


The Football Team from Hell…

Really, the best plan the student council vice president can come up with is to bait the football team’s captain, who is coincidentally also a ¬†cardfighter, into challenging the Aichi (currently the strongest cardfighter around) in hopes that Aichi and co. will be persuaded into losing heart? The more you make them play Cardfight!! Vanguard, the more chances they’ll have of establishing the club. These student council people really are wrong-genre savvy.


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