Vividred Operation – 07


Kuroki Rei crushing the tomato = foreshadowing this episode’s plot

Episode 07: “Resolute Wishes”

00000026Stuffed In The Fridge? Seems legit.

I didn’t expect Akane to take the hit and start falling near the end of the episode, especially with all the victorious battle music and improved level of animation in the fight scene hinting that the episode was going to follow the usual formula. When Rei made it just in time to give the Alone that much-needed boost so it can regenerate itself, I actually thought she was late and that the Final Operation by Vivid-yellow hit the Alone first.

Why didn’t the bridge bunnies directly relay the transmission to the Vivid-girls that the Alone’s signal hasn’t disappeared (they all had access to the same comm frequency). For that matter, why didn’t the other girls do anything? In past episodes, the Vivid-girls even with their lack of experience could easily dodge the Alone’s attacks even though energy beams move at the speed of light; 300,000 km/s to be exact.


This would not have happened if Kenjirou spent time training them, rather than what happened last episode 

Himawari-chan could have erected a barrier with the Vivid Collider while the other girls pulled Akane out of the line of fire. Instead, they all froze in shock, and had time to individually scream “Akane!” while the poor girl got hit by the energy beam and started falling down to earth. Where’s the bloody teamwork they displayed during the last episode? Looking at this week’s results, I’d say Prof. Kenjirou’s experiment to increase their teamwork failed, big time.


Damn it, girls! Do something! Don’t just scream “Akane!” individually

I guess the question on my mind (and everybody else’s mind is): will the series go down a darker route? I admit, my rational side says that it won’t because it’s always been a light-hearted series, but my other side says “go ahead Vividred Operation, do what Urobutchi Gen-sensei did and kill off some characters! Put the main character and everybody else through the emotional wringer! Have someone’s head get bitten off by a magical worm-thing! To really up the ante, how about blowing up the Manifestation Engine?!” 

With a show like Vividred Operation having a mysterious energy source which isn’t properly explained (not even Himawari explained how the engine works), alternate worlds that have been destroyed which involved said mysterious energy source, and aliens that forcibly require their human dupe (Rei) to go to school, you can’t help but think, what if there’s a real dark side lurking underneath the show’s light-hearted front?

Curse that damned bloody tomato. Also, there were no clearly defined ass-shots this week. Damn.

P.S. The way Wakaba-chan’s seiyuu screams “Naked Blade!” is so damned sexy. Haha.



Momo-chan: More food for me. Yay!

Next week on Vividred Operation, with Akane out of commission, what’s going to happen now to the Vivid-girls? Will the Alone continue on its rampage? Will Rei see the error of her ways? Will Isshiki Akane survive?


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  1. You spent the ENTIRETY of the post talking about a single scene that I , personally, agree about. It’s incredibly cliche that they all just sat there and watched their friend get completely owned… anyways, the show will probably stay on the lighter side by having all the girls together to the very end (I mean, they’re going to be needed since when all of them combine in a new advancement in Kenjiro’s Vividsystem Docking 2.0 mechanism, they’lll create… wait for it… “Vividred” or as I have named it for right now “VividFUCKYES”).

    Akane’s gonna live, she’s either going to help out on the ground, run into Rei and learn some new things about Rei that she didn’t want to know and she turns over a new leaf, OR she’ll be held captive by the Alone, forcing Rei to take action because tsundere and then become a vivid ranger and save the day. Just think about it… Look at what the Alone turned into at the end of the episode: An eye-looking thing…

    When attacking a GIGANTIC eye, what feels to be the best weapon to use? A sword, a hammer or a freaking ARROW.

    • My guess for next episode: Akane will turn evil/be brainwashed into evil by the Alone (Akane was falling down near the Alone-infected area), forcing Rei to step in her place as the new leader of the Vivid-girls and turn her back to the good side via the power of friendship (and yuri).

      I’d use a sword (Naked Blade) or Arrows (Rei’s weapons) if I have to deal with a gigantic eye. The Vividyellow’s Final Operation is the best option though, but since Akane is out of the picture, those two will have to do.

      • You’re REALLY leaning towards the dark side in terms of predictions 😛 First you wanted to see her cry, now you want her to be brainwashed and made evil by the Alone. It’s clear what you want in store for them 😛 But I can agree on Rei being forced to choose a side. But this episode is the pivoting point. Turn down the dark alley or launch into complete awesomeness. I seriously hope it’s the latter…

        The blade probably wouldn’t do enough to make a significant difference. She’d just be scratching the surface (Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week). So it’s gotta be the arrow. I can’t see any other way of destroying that Alone while retaining the level of awesome and even stepping it up a notch.

  2. The level of darkness in my predictions is probably trauma from watching (and re-watching) the likes of Evangelion and Madoka Magica. Hehe.

    So if she joined the Vivid-girls, what would Rei’s arrow attack be called? “Naked Shaft”? XD

    • That could be it. I’ve watched very little anime and from what I’ve seen, it’s light-hearted, so I’m swaying towards the light side on this one. Only darker one would be Samurai X… But that was genuinely good. Anyways, I can’t wait for the next ep!

      And I have to admit… I laughed audibly at that… People often just put “lol” when they’re slightly amused at something but no, this was a full “laugh out loud” moment. Honestly… I wouldn’t put it past the shows creators to name it something like that… And what if she did join the girls and the arrow was her power? Would she still be branded and only granted the something like 5 (I think) arrows that she has left? Or would the vividsystem and the power of friendship enable her to have as many as she pleased?

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