Vividred Operation – 06


Kamina shades seem to be the disguise of choice for everyone in Vividred Operation

Episode 6: “The One Where Kenjiro Tries to Strengthen the Girls’ Friendship Power but Things Get Out of Hand”


I watch Vividred Operation for the “plot”…

Okay, let me just get this out of my system, this was the most nonsensical episode yet in the entire 12-episodeĀ Vividred Operation anime. This episode had too many ass-shots (and a couple of cleverly censored almost-nude scenes) thanks to to Akane, too much bouncing boobs; courtesy of Himawari-chan, with some provided by Rei, and too much button-pushing by professor Kenjiro – who’s prolonged stay in that ferret body seems to have eroded his common sense and replaced it with madness.


…and for the “backstory”

But it doesn’t matter. Because I enjoyed it. I genuinely enjoyed this episode, which didn’t even have the Alone butting in for once (maybe they were having their own beach episode?). Once again, Vividred Operation manages to turn the mundane into something awesome.

Professor Kenjirou: Science isn’t done that way

00000089Aoi-chan: 1 Pedo-Bear: 0

Being a student of the Sciences, I actually frown on Kenjiro’s method of training the girls. Instead of having them rescue Rei from a false kidnapping, Kenjirou should have put them through multiple battle-simulations/scenarios involving the use of their keys and palette suits – not running around the jungle while being chased by fake rocks, insect-mecha, and a walking mechanical Pedo-bear.

Long story short: experiments, training sessions, etc., that are conducted to improve the Vivid-girls’ performance should be done in controlled environments without risking the safety of the girls themselves, and without variables which cannot be controlled and be accounted for, such as Rei waking up early and breaking out of her confinement room and disabling the equipment via cutlery. The scientific method is taught as early as the first grade, and it irked me that Kenjirou forgot something this basic.

And Then The Fridge Horor Kicks In Once More

00000103Why doesn’t Kenjirou make more of these?

So humanity is up against a race of aliens against which our conventional weaponry doesn’t have much effect against, and the first and last line of defence are four girls who are still poorly trained in terms of using their powers granted to them by their palette suits, and a wacky scientist who tends to lose his common sense from time to time.

Looking at it from that angle, the odds aren’t looking too good for humanity, isn’t it? Fortunately, Vividred Operation seems set with having a “monster-of-the-week” schedule for the Alone attacks, and the aliens haven’t resorting to attacking in force across multiple fronts (unlike the BETA in Muv-luv Alternative: Total Eclipse). But who knows, it might just happen.



No “next episode preview” so I’m using Wakaba-chan as the image. Kendo girls are so moe~

I really do hope we go back to the normal flow of things with next week’s episode. A beach episode is good once in a while, but we really need to get back to the plot.


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  1. Even though this episode wasn’t a continuation of the previous, I’m still glad to see that Akane and friends further broke down the wall Rei has set up in between her and the rest of the girls. I think that was one of the main purposes of the ep.

    As for the rest of it… SO GOOD! I didn’t mind Kenjirou’s method of training the girls and how it strayed from the original scientific method that you mentioned. In the end, that’s what makes him that much of a remarkable scientist. He takes risks and hopes for the best and it’s brought humanity the Manifestation Engine and, in my honest opinion, brought the girls closer together with friendship. So I say it was a startling success and I hope to see more joint cooperation and tactics with the girls from now on. (I still think Rei’s gonna be Black Ranger. I’m calling it)

    • I actually think that Kenjirou lost his purpose of training the girls once they started overcoming the obstacles he planted, and he just wanted to avenge his wounded inventor’s pride – kinda like a vengeful gamemaster in a tabletop game of Dungeons and Dragons. XD

      • Well yeah. I can’t deny that he got his jimmies rustled a little bit at the end, but in the beginning stages he was just excited to test out all aspects of his operation šŸ˜›

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