Vividred Operation – 05


This crow is totally evil. Just look at its eyes.

Episode 05: “The Other Key”


Yup, that’s the one

This week, Vividred Operation puts the spotlight on Kuroki Rei: Dark Magical Girl, Bird Lover, expy of Akemi Homura, Akane’s anti-social classmate and all around Badass. Just who is she, and what’s her angle? Why does she work for the Alone? Why does she keep providing us with  all those ass-shots?

“Your world as you knew it, is gone. How far would you go to bring it back?” – Capt. Price, Modern Warfare 3

00000043Those are some dangerous curves…

I’ve been wondering a while about Kuroki Rei for a while now. All she’s done in the past four episodes (besides the weekly ass-shot, of course) has been to give the Alone a second wind making them go three times faster red and giving the Vivid-girls a chance to show off their combined form and “Final Operation”. At school, she’s the typical loner, sitting in the midst of class generally unnoticed by her classmates, and eating all alone during lunchtime.

00000041Could have sworn that was my desk at home back in high school

Her home life definitely gives some answers though. Her apartment’s living room is bare except for the basic necessities like tables and chairs. Her bedroom has schematics of the Manisfestation Engine pasted on the walls and she assembles explosive iPhones on her table with nothing more than a box of scraps! soldering iron. She talks with two birds, one of which might be or not be an Alone. Yeah, she definitely, truly is “alone” in every sense of the word.

P.S. She does have her moe~ moments though, especially when blushing in the presence of Akane, talking to her myna bird/parrot, or when holding her special key.

So, Puella Magi Rei Magica?

00000081Since the episode was feeling less happy than usual, I’ve decided to use this pic. D’aaaww…

Kuroki Rei is either a time traveler sent back from the future, or she’s from an alternate universe. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were the Alone that caused the destruction of the Manifestation Engine – and the resulting tragedy in her timeline/universe, given that the event which injured Akane’s mom seems to have been the Alone’s doing as well.

Rei, in her moment of weakness, probably agreed to assist the Alone in hopes that she’ll get her “world” back once the Alone have succeeded in destroying the engine. Far more likely, the Alone just fed her false hopes to get her to cooperate with them. But the question in my mind is, what if Rei is actually right? Would the ends justify the means, then?


00000007Don’t you just want to give her a hug?

Now that Kuroki Rei’s back story has been revealed, what’s going to happen now? Will Vividred Operation finally take a darker-and-edgier tone? Will we have a blood-soaked beach episode next week?


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  1. Well this episode went exactly how I expected. I knew from the beginning that it was a tragedy in her childhood that led her to ally herself with aliens. And everyone said I was irrational, well ha!

    Anyways, this ep may actually have a second part… They may have gave it a proper ending, but I doubt that they’re going to leave it like that and have it continue on. The beach trip (in the show’s context) happens in 2 weeks… and if the producers are trying at all to keep it systematic, then I’d say the beach ep is in… wait for it… 2 weeks. Perhaps next week we get to see Akane FINALLY convince Rei to join her group, then the week after we see all five of them at the beach. Just a gander.

    • Hmmm, since we didn’t get a next episode preview, maybe they’re following up on this with another slightly depressing Rei-centered episode. You’re probably right.

      Although I’d rather have Akane discover that Rei is working for the Alone and suffer a little depression, before deciding she’ll befriend Rei, no matter what it takes. (I’m so mean to Akane XD)

      • I don’t want to see Akane any more sad! She was already devastated by Rei’s friendship denial, let alone finding out she’s aiding the enemy. I don’t think I can handle the tears 😛

        Tsundere girl will be tsundere. But I’m glad it’s not for no reason though. Some girls are just tough skinned and don’t like the main character because of their sheer awesomeness. Eventually she’ll turn over and become Black Ranger! Mwahaha!

      • Me wanting the protagonist to tear up is probably the result of rewatching Madoka Magica recently. Haha.

        “If Akane won’t get depressed via revelation, I want Rei to deliver a hands-on beatdown to her while she’s in her palette suit. That should do the trick.” – is what I wanted to say, but of course Vividred Operation is not that kind of anime. We’ll probably have the standard reconciliation plot made awesome by Akane’s enthusiasm.

  2. So let’s say Rei’s from sky world… That would explain why the Engine destroyed it. “It draws energy from the sky” – Akane. That’ll probably mess things up… and it would explain her love for birds amoung other things.

    I dunno. I happen to like this anime very much. It isn’t completely silly while not being completely serious. The depressing episode was almost needed due to everything else being so god damn happy (Not that I’m complaining, it’s freaking awesome). How do you feel about the soundtrack? I think it’s great!

  3. That’s quite alright! I’m going through a similar situation here. However, I’m not handling it as well XD

    As for the music, I like the “Momo’s Theme” as I’ve called it. It’s the one with the flute type instrument (forgive my musical ignorance) and it’s super happy. I think it encompasses Momo’s character pretty well and it plays during lunch scenes and whatnot.

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