Vividred Operation – 04


Twin-Tailed Drill Hair and Frills of Justice

Episode 04: “Promise”


The Obligatory Fanservice Screenshot, by Aoi-chan

In the Grimdark Future of the 41st Millennium Vivid-bright Future of Vividred Operation, there is still bullying

00000040Being bullied in school: an essential part of Japanese character development

Despite the fact that the Manifestation Engine had solved all the major problems of the world in terms of energy supply and demand, wealth creation, conflict prevention, etc., it is clear Japan hasn’t grown up from its culture of bullying. Don’t get me wrong, bullying as a social problem is neither exclusive to Japan, nor is it something that’s uncommon in other countries, but the continued use of bullying as a way of telling a character’s back-story in anime must be a sign that Japan still has a problem at the root of its society.

Of course, being the series Vividred Operation is, the episode had to end on a happy note. Akane cured Himawari’s distrust of friendship, society, and promises – and gained the fourth and last member of the Vivid-girls.

I can’t help but think of Tomoe Mami


The “emphasis” of her transformation sequence seems to be her “Plot”, rather than her “Backstory”

Maybe it’s just my fondness of Urobutchi Gen’s grimdark Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but during Himawari’s screen time as a Vivid-girl in the latter part of the episode, the thought that appears in my mind is that she’s this universe’s version of Tomoe Mami. From the color theme, the bust size (hah!), the twin-drills hairstyle, and the Final Operation finishing move (I swear I heard myself mouthing “Tiro Finale!” during that moment), those might have been shout-outs to Madoka Magica‘s Mami.


Say it with me: Tiro…FINALE!

Of course, Himawari isn’t a perfect expy of Mami. For one, she’s not the senpai of the other Vivid-girls. Also, she’s not a graceful and refined girl; her room looks like it could have been the den of a teenage, male NEET who lives with his parents in the basement of the family house.

Furthermore, many of her sentences sound coarse and rough around edges, especially when she implies Akane isn’t bright like her grandfather. Lastly, her diet of bottled tea, pizza, and chips evokes the memory of Sakura Kyoko, another girl from Madoka Magica.

P.S. I hope she doesn’t die via an Alone construct chomping her head off. OM NOM NOM NOM. But hey, we’re past the third episode, and this is not that kind of anime, so it won’t happen (probably). XD



Even her scarf has a crow motif

On the next episode of Vividred Operation, it looks like the spotlight will be on the resident Dark Magical Girl, Kuroki Rei. Will Akane win her over with the Power Of Friendship or will Rei do the “befriending” via the barrel of her gun?


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  1. I was hoping that they wouldn’t come to the subject of Rei until just a liiittle bit later in the anime. It feels a bit too soon for them to put the spotlight on one of the highlighted mystery antagonists. And what do the feathers mean? What happens when she runs out? And is it just coincidence that the amount of feathers she has left are the amount of episodes left in the season?

    • It’s probably the limitations of only having 12 episodes that we already get the episode that focuses on the Dark Magical Girl next week. My speculation is Rei’s skill to revive/upgrade the Alone into their red form is related to/similar to Akane handing out additional keys to other girls. Maybe Rei will die/lose her powers when the last of the feathers is expended?

      • Well yeah, there’s not very many episodes to just throw out a bunch of silly episodes in wait for big plot-driven episodes (Not like any of them do that very much anyways). I’m totally torn as to which side to believe. There is the case that Rei is possibly befriended, but then what happen to the arrows? Do they still power up the Alone? or the possibility of Rei never getting befriended and uses up all those arrows by the season finale.

        And the ever larger question that has yet to be answered: Why the hell is she aiding the Alone? Is it some prophecy? GAH! I want the episode now! XD

  2. I think the next episode will answer the last question you have. For now, we and all the other Vivid-fans must be patient. Friday is just a few days away. XD

  3. I know that feel. Luckily enough, I have my classes MWF so get to sleep in AND watch vividred. Most people look forward to the weekends. I look forward to thursdays 😛

    And I apologize for replying so often. I just enjoy having someone to talk to about the show.

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