Vividred Operation – 02-03

00000112I’ll leave you people to think of what Aoi-chan meant by this statement

Hi readers! Sorry about the delay of episode reviews in the past week. To make up for the lack of Vividred Operation posts, I’ve decided to combine episode 02 and 03 into one post.

Episode 2: “The Moment of Our Resonance”


Yes, I had the exact same thoughts. Suspension of Disbelief, people.

Not much to say about this episode. The backstory of Aoi’s and Akane’s friendship is revealed, and it turns out to be one based on tomatoes. Yep, you got that right, tomatoes. Akane hates tomatoes, but she did her best to eat them so she can keep Akane’s friendship.

Stealthy air superiority fighter planes and the most advanced warships that money can buy can’t scratch the paint of the Alone’s constructs, but two girls who combine into a teenaged bishoujo who wields a large hammer can make short work of it?

You know what? I couldn’t care less. I just sat back, relaxed, enjoyed the episode (and the ass shots), and most of all, the “Final Operation!” coup-de-grace. That was one of the most hot-blooded finishing moves I’ve ever seen in recent anime.


It’s Hammer-time!


Episode 3: “True Strength”

00000086The best female character in Vividred Operation so far. Kendo girls FTW.

I think I may have found my favorite character among the girls. Saegusa Wakaba is just so serious and yet so cute at the same time it’s unfair. Her obsession with defeating Akane after mistaking her as a “scoundrel”, her soul-searching about what “true strength” is, and that challenge letter written in the stationery usually reserved for love letters, are what endeared her to me. You just gotta love characters who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

My only complaint was that the episode felt like it was rushed, and the Alone’s construct in this episode didn’t feel so threatening this time around (maybe because it wasn’t destroying billions-of-dollars-worth of military hardware left and right unlike in Episode 2).

00000152Feels like a new version of Hatsune Miku every time Akane docks with one of the girls

P.S. Akane has some mad sword skills. Catching the opponent’s blade twice, dual wielding, and jumping all over the place and delivering overhand slashes like it was nothing? Just where did she learn those? And those orange shades. Is she a relative of Kamina?

00000041Tengen Toppa Vividred Operation?


00000180Yep, seems like a NEET to me

Next week on Vividred Operation, the fourth and last member of the Vivid-Girls (yeah, I made that up) will be introduced. Who is Shinomiya Himawari?


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  1. I don’t think she’ll be the last member 😛 Just sayin.

  2. Considering the commercials (Featuring the four colours PLUS black) and all that stuff, I think Rei will be flipped to the good side. But you’re right, for now she will continue to be the enemy until The Power of Friendship defeats the darkness in her heart and makes her change ways. But yeah, can’t wait to see Vividyellow!

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