Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament (Neutral Grounds Eton Centris Walk 01/24/2013)

sddI Always Bet On Duke…

Deck Used: Gold Paladin (Vortimer Ride Chain) a.ka. “Always Bet On Duke” version 2.0

Grade 0: 17 cards

1x Black Dragon Whelp Vortimer (Starting Vanguard)

4x Elixir Sommelier (Heal Trigger)

4x Falcon Knight of the Azure (Draw Trigger)

4x Flame of Victory (Critical Trigger)

4x Silent Punisher (Critical Trigger)

Grade 1: 15 cards

4x Scout of Darkness, Vortimer

4x Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth

4x Halo Shield, Mark (Perfect Guard)

2x Sleygal Dagger

1x Little Battler, Tron

Grade 2: 10 cards

4x Black Dragon Knight Vortimer

2x Lop Ear Shooter

2x Player of the Holy Bow, Vivianne

2x Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains

Grade 3: 8 cards

4x Spectral Duke Dragon

4x Gigantech Destroyer

Total: 50 cards


Round 1 

Opponent: Gold Paladin (Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel)

I got my ride chain completed as soon as I rode Scout of Darkness, Vortimer. From there it was a cardfight I knew I would win since I could superior call at least two units from my deck every turn. I didn’t have to use Spectral Duke Dragon’s Limit Break.

Result: Win

Round 2

Opponent: Granblue (Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus)

I completed my ride chain, so I was sure I would win this one. The Granblue cardfighter had a strong center column, but the Granblue clan mechanic of sending cards to the drop zone as their main trick meant that some of his critical triggers were sent to the drop zone rather than being drive-checked.

I kept attacking the front row rearguards with my own, then focused on dealing damage to the opponent’s Vanguard when the he didn’t (or couldn’t) bring back his rearguards from the drop zone.

Result: Win

Round 3

Opponent: Gold Paladin (Pellinore/Garmore) Result: Loss

I swear, ever since I completed my Gold Paladin deck before the CFV Philippines National Championship in 2012, this opponent was the only Gold Paladin cardfighter who can make me miss my ride chain.

Thus, my Spectral Duke Dragon only had a base 10,000 power as opposed to 11,000 power if I got the ride chain completely. I couldn’t superior call units from my deck, and Spectral Duke Dragon didn’t drive check into any triggers, even when I used its Limit Break.

Result: Loss

Round 4

Opponent: Royal Paladin (Galahad Ride Chain/Alfred KoK Beatdown)

I didn’t complete the ride chain, again. The Grade 1 Vortimer wasn’t in the soul (Gareth my was Grade 1 Vanguard), so I couldn’t superior call units from the top of my deck when I rode Spectral Duke Dragon over Grade 2 Vortimer.

From there the entire cardfight went downhill, with me facing the opponent’s front row which had Alfred, King of Knights as the Vanguard, and Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes, on both rearguard circles.

Result: Loss

Final Rank: 4th/5th place out of 10 cardfighters.

So there you have it. For about fourth months since September 2012 I’ve abstained from joining Cardfight!! Vanguard tournaments, casual or otherwise, due to not having the time and/or money to compete. It seems I still have my skills, but the Vortimer Ride Chain still misses the ride chain every now and then.

Maybe I’ll build the Gold Paladin Liberators and the Royal Paladin Jewel Knights when they’re released in the international version.

The next tournament report will be about the Cardfight!! Vanguard Team Tournament on February 3. Hopefully, my team and I will be able to join.


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