Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter – 02

00000095“Let me show you, the true power of Royal Paladin!” – Tatsunagi Kourin

Ride 106: Catching A Break

00000083Ah, flashbacks and backstory. Gotta love them.

Surprise! Ishida Naoki has a back story? Seems legit.

My first impression of Naoki was that he was going to be the comic relief and “Morikawa”-character of the season; enthusiastic, but hopelessly bad at the card game. By the end of the episode, he’s still a beginner at playing Vanguard and he’s still a comic relief character. To be fair, he did beat Kourin, by drive checking a lucky critical trigger (with a large dose of plot armor), but any real life cardfighter can tell his skills aren’t at the tournament level. Furthermore, someone has got to tell him to stop saying “Strike, my Avatar! Ride, (insert card name here)!” every time he rides a Vanguard.

00000078Boom. There you have it. Kai’s got competition now, I guess.

However, the reveal that he was Aichi’s classmate in elementary at the same school, and he witnessed the bullying Aichi went through, and regretted not being able to help him at the time, gave Naoki hidden depths which I didn’t expect from a character like him, and mostly justified his almost 180-degree turn from apathetic highschool teenager to enthusiastic cardfighter who wanted to be in the cardfight club, not to ogle Kourin, but to play the card game with Aichi.

00000047Tatsunagi Kourin and Dreaming Jewel Knight, Tiffany

Kourin-chan’s new Royal Paladins

Wow. Just wow. I think the reveal of Kourin’s new Royal Paladin units was the best part of the episode, aside from the establishment of the cardfight club. With Aichi being a sellout (fact: he couldn’t win his cardfights in the Asian Circuit chapter without using Limit Break) and deciding to retain his Gold Paladins with the lame excuse that the Gold Paladins were his “allies” too, viewers and cardfighters like me who first learned how to play Cardfight!! Vanguard by using the Royal Paladin clan had a lot of questions on our minds.

What’s going to be the future of Royal Paladin in anime and in the real life card game? Would the clan be able to keep up after being unsealed? Will new cards be printed for the clan? Who’s going to use the Royal Paladins in the Link Joker Arc?

00000101Center card: Leading Jewel Knight, Salome. This grade 3 card is the ace of Kourin’s Royal Paladin deck.

Fortunately, Bushiroad decided to answer these questions and give the Royal Paladin clan a fighting chance. Kourin’s new Royal Paladins are at once a throwback to the old Royal Paladins and at the same time, a vision of the future. The new “Jewel Knight” Royal Paladins retain their predecessors’ original flavor with their targeted superior calling from the deck.

This means the Royal Paladin cardfighter player can choose which unit he/she wants to call to the field, unlike in Gold Paladins where the unit to be called comes from the top card/cards of the deck. The inclusion of a Limit Break-skill in the main Grade 3 “Jewel Knight” Vanguard unit means these new Royal Paladins will be able to keep up with the meta.

Final Thoughts


Break Time! Oh, my sides. I can’t stop laughing when Naoki did that. That is all. I wonder what other terms Naoki will come up with in future episodes.


00000128No, the guy in glasses doesn’t have Psyqualia. He probably just has bad body odor. 

Next week on Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Chapter: Ride 107, Kourin-chan has a stalker.

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