First Look: Vividred Operation

vividred operation

First words in my mind when I saw these colors: “Google Chrome

Episode 1: “First Operation”

00000001What a suprising “backstory”. I think we need more “plot”, though. XD

Vividred Operation opens with the lead character, Isshiki Akane, narrating an optimistic, if somewhat naive-sounding look on how the world of the future is like. The successful application of science and technology has solved many problems; in particular, the Manifestation Engine, an island-sized reactor/renewable source of energy developed by Akane’s grandfather Dr. Isshiki Kenjirou, is enough to supply the energy needs of the world via a system of satellites orbiting the planet.

00000016This is what all cities should look like in the future

With energy for mankind’s use literally falling from the sky, there’s no need to go to war for resources anymore. The expression “sky’s the limit” would be apt to describe the boon the Manifestation Engine has granted to the world.

However, aliens dubbed as the “Alone”, have come to destroy the Manifestation Engine. Should the Manifestation Engine be lost, mankind will suffer. With even the most advanced conventional weaponry having little to no effect on the enemy, it is up to Akane – and her friends, to save the world.

First Impressions

00000003The Obligatory Fanservice Screenshot

Vividred Operation seems like it’s off to a good start. The premise is something we’ve all seen before in other mahou shoujo anime: an ordinary middle school student, with the aid of a mentor mascot in the form of a furry animal, gains a power to fight against evil invaders to defend her home.

Yet the way it’s presented (perhaps it’s the sci-fi tweak on what is largely a mahou shoujo anime masquerading) gives it a fresh feeling, like the feeling I got from watching Rinne no Lagrange the first time. It might be a show with a plot recombined from other shows, but the final product seems like something totally brand new (ignorning the blatant focus on Akane’s rear every now and then).

00000023DAT F-22 Raptor.  Stealth is Sexy. YEAH.

The animation is nice, clean, and clear, courtesy of A-1 Pictures doing the animation work (all that money from selling SAO Blu-rays and other related merchandise had to go somewhere, after all). I believe special mention has to go to the CGI renditions of the F-22 Raptors and F-35 Lightning IIs which were positively oozing with techno-sex appeal. You just got to love cool planes – even if they’re only used as cannon fodder to emphasize just how serious a threat the “Alone” present.

Final Thoughts/Questions On Episode 1

00000065I still find it hard to believe that fighter pilots have a hard time evading this Alone’s beam weapons

What are the “Alone”? Are they really aliens? Genocidal robots sent back in time to eliminate Humanity? Mechanical constructs borne from the resentment of single, lonely people lurking on the internet, who are truly forever “alone”? (Okay, that wasn’t so funny when you think about it).

Why is Akane’s family even poor? With such a game-changing invention like the Manifestation Engine, even with all the money Kenjirou spends on his scientific equipment, you’d think the global scientific community, not to mention the government of Japan, would have rewarded Dr. Kenjiro’s efforts considerably a.k.a. with a lot of money.

Speaking of the Manifestation Engine, why didn’t anyone make back-ups of it outside Japan, so mankind wouldn’t be hamstrung by the loss of one?

What will happen to Kenjirou’s body, now stuffed inside the family fridge? Can he go back to being human, or is he stuck inside the body of stuffed toy ferret for the next eleven episodes?

00000038The Second Obligatory Fanservice Screenshot

Just how many ass-shots can the animators work into every episode is anyone’s guess. It’s not that I’m complaining, but I decided to watch the show for the dat ass┬áplot, so it can be distracting at times. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since the director at the helm is the director of Strike Witches.


00000121I already like this character. Hopefully she’ll have a bigger role next episode.

On the next episode of Vividred Operation, Akane and Aoi will face the “Alone” in battle. Will we finally learn what the “Alone” really are? What is “docking”? Will that F-35 Lightning II pilot get more screen time?


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  1. Very nice post here. There were less ass shots than the first episode of SW, but considering the first ep of SW had 11 witches to grind their booties into the camera lens and this one only has one or two so far.

    Nonetheless, I’m very excited about the next episode. I want to see what powers she could possibly have that F-22’s don’t…

    And yes, I already like that pilot as well. I can see her being the brave and unlikely heroine that gives the inside scoop to the folks in command. Can’t wait for more vivid transformations!

    • Thank you. =)

      Maybe the normal pilot will become their ally outside the mahou shoujo team that’s going to form in future episodes, and will be supporting them from behind the scenes (and getting her F-35 shot down again and again XD)

      • Exactly. Because that’s as cliche as it gets. She’s gonna be the one to save the girls if they run into a dangerously inescapable situation by flying her jet into the Alone giving them time to escape XD

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